23 Jul 2018

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Weekly Report

E.g., 23/07/2018
E.g., 23/07/2018
25 Aug 2016 - Grain Council
Stronger corn prices in the week following the USDA report have led the DDGS market higher. Prices for product to the U.S. Gulf and NOLA increased by an average of $9/ton for delivery in the coming three months.
23 Aug 2016 - CFO
The price of Soybean meal rise slightly in this week.
23 Aug 2016 - CFO Exclusive
Chinese RMB market is basically quiet and Fishmeal RMB price actual sales price is dropped about RMB 1-200/mt. In particular, some inventory was sold at lower USD price in Peru. Chinese buyers now are focus on next season IMARPE investigation ….
22 Aug 2016 - CFO
No Weekly Report Short description
18 Aug 2016 - CFO
Cash trend keeps trimming / Off-take returns to track / Poultry meal up MBM down / China tends to re-regulate DDGS / July downsized live pig / Feed outputs cut 5%
10 Aug 2016 - CFO
Chinese buyers have been keeping highly attentions on how Peruvians conduct USD trend of super prime fishmeal product after the completion of 1st season.
02 Aug 2016 - CFO Exclusive Report
Cash trend of China fishmeal has been instantly pushing up by RMB300-500/ton right after July 26 the date 1st season of Peru was closed. Total catching brought by 1st season has performed low enough volume what may make Chinese highly concern about up-rising RMB and USD trends during rest of Q3.
26 Jul 2016 - CFO Exclusive Report
Cash trend of China fishmeal has been tentatively away from reducing due to there’s a slowing down performance of fishing in Peru. Most of Chinese buyers think that there’s a tough task so far during the season to catch up with the targeted fishing in North-central sea area of Peru.
19 Jul 2016 - CFO Exclusive Report
Cash trend of China fishmeal remains weak lately and it would continue to step down but closer to RMB13,000/ton soon at Shanghai port while summer aquatic in eastern and central regions of China is now reportedly suffered from the most severe floods since year 1951.
12 Jul 2016 - CFO Exclusive Report
Cash trend of RMB market has been remaining downtrend due to fishing in Peru has been continuously taking progress based on information released by authority. For Shanghai port instance, cash trend of super prime has sunk down to RMB13,200/ton from RMB13,500/ton in a week.