22 Sep 2018

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Weekly Report

E.g., 22/09/2018
E.g., 22/09/2018
22 Nov 2016 - CFO Exclusive
China fishmeal RMB has been keeping downward since 2nd anchovy season was announced especially in South China. Most of transactions were done at below RMB 11,500/mt level. Most of Chinese importers are worry of a rapid fall in the yuan. However, on the other side, Peru keeps reporting high % of juvenile & mini ban did support the fishmeal market at this moment.
21 Nov 2016 - Hammersmith
Once again, it was not too exciting a week in the grain business – probably too much interest in how the last of the US harvest was going. Corn prices were up a very little in the futures market but were down in little for export as logistics seem to be working a little better and the export basis has slipped a bit. However, for CNF buyers, the rally in freight prices looks to be continuing and the small drop in FOB NOLA prices was offset by increased ocean freight to almost everywhere.......please click PDF to see more detail
15 Nov 2016 - CFO Exclusive
Per IMARPE record, total trial fishing at North-Center during 11-13 Nov 2016 reached 50,690mt with averaged 16,897mt daily. Overall the catching result is good but with high percentage of juvenile. The official fishing shall start on 15 Nov 2016.
14 Nov 2016 - Hammersmith
Now then, what can we say about US grains and oilseeds – well not all that much. Corn prices were down by about USD 3 m/t on average although some traders had export corn prices higher on the week as tight logistics were a bigger effect than lower futures.........please click PDF to see more details.
07 Nov 2016 - Hammersmith
This coming week is election week in the US, so it is possible that markets may do strange things as we get closer to the voting – or the markets may do nothing as everyone sits on the side and waits to see the election results. From the current reports it looks like things are just getting closer and closer, although the NY Times still has Hillary at an 88 percent chance of winning.......please click PDF to see more details
01 Nov 2016 - CFO Exclusive
China fishmeal RMB market is continuing firm and up mainly due to low quota rumor in Peru, In particular, RMB sharply depreciated about 1.4% in a week.
31 Oct 2016 - hammersmith
In the US, things were quite quiet on the corn front with export prices moving up a little due to logistic problems but not much happening in the futures and cash markets........please click PDF to see more details
25 Oct 2016 - CFO Exclusive
The 15th China fishmeal & fish oil annual conference (CFFA) is successfully completed. In this event, we received supplier’s update from China, Chile, Ecuador, Mauritania, Pakistan and South Africa.
24 Oct 2016 - hammersmith
Once again this week, corn had quite a calm week, although there were some small attempts at a price rally on the corn futures market. Corn prices really haven’t done too much over the past couple of weeks................please click PDF to see more details
18 Oct 2016 - CFO Exclusive
The 15th China Fishmeal & Fish oil Annual conference to be held in Guangzhou 19-21 Oct 2016. Chinese domestic fishmeal & aquaculture market to be discussed during the meeting and suppliers from Chile/ Peru/ Ecuador/ Mauritania/ Pakistan /South Africa shall report the latest fishing & quota...