14 Aug 2018

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Weekly Report

E.g., 14/08/2018
E.g., 14/08/2018
28 Nov 2017 - CFO Exclusive
Such high-rising cash uptrend of the imported fishmeal surely top up the cost at producing feeds…..
21 Nov 2017 - CFO Exclusive
"Chinese fishmeal importers have made prompt reaction to lift up RMB cash price but soon to approach...."
20 Nov 2017 - Hammersmith
Grain markets in the US decided to try for a little rally on Friday and managed to push both soybeans and soymeal up into a positive price on the week. Even with the Friday rally corn and wheat prices were a little lower on the week. Corn prices ended up almost unchanged from the previous week as corn had a very quiet and uninteresting week. Some reports say that farmers weren’t selling as they would rather hold until after next week’s Thanksgiving holiday in the US. There was the report from Brazil that the second corn crop would be down...........please click PDF to see more details
14 Nov 2017 - CFO Exclusive
RMB cash price could be soon to approach RMB11,500/ton at Shanghai though there’s a smooth curve…
13 Nov 2017 - Hammersmith
So, this was the week for the November USDA WASDE Report and looking at the prices at the end of Friday it looks like much of a non-event. The USDA increased expected corn yields for this year crop which pushed corn futures prices down to the low of the year. Corn stocks are forecasted to be at the highest level in 30 years. None of which was good news for prices or for farmers. However, things were not all that bad as corn futures were only down by about USD 3 m/t on the week...........please click PDF to see more details
07 Nov 2017 - CFO Exclusive
Chinese fishmeal importers would keep moving up RMB cash price before knowing the details and the results of ….
06 Nov 2017 - Hammersmith
Looking at the weekly change in futures prices for grains/oilseed and soymeal, it looks like a very quiet week – but looks are not always correct. Thursday was an up day for grains then followed by a down day on Friday – for soybeans in particular........please click PDF to see more details
31 Oct 2017 - CFO Exclusive
CFO has collected up those increments at soybean cargoes of this year may mostly go to …
30 Oct 2017 - hammersmith
It wasn’t the most exciting trading week this week for grain and oilseed but there were a couple of US weather rumors that got people a little excited – but just a little. ​There was quite a bit of talk about the US corn harvest falling behind but most experts seem to feel that this is not much of a problem as the farmers are working hard on the soybean harvest and leaving corn for a bit. As we all know from past years, the US farmer can catch up with the harvest levels in a very short period of time...........please click PDF to see more details
24 Oct 2017 - CFO Exclusive
Till July of 2017, Chinese has totally reduced 21.5% of the recorded breeding live pig in the country due to ….