22 Nov 2017

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Weekly Report

E.g., 22/11/2017
E.g., 22/11/2017
10 Apr 2017 - hammersmith
There didn’t seem to be a great deal of excitement in the grain and oilseed markets this week as prices just seemed to be drifting. Concern is increasing in Argentina about the rain effect on the soybean harvest but the weather guys say that hot and dry weather is approaching – so the harvest may just be all fine..................please click PDF to see more details
05 Apr 2017 - CFO Exclusive
Lack of driven up fact but pending on how poultry kinds recover from flu and how aquatic breeding take fully acceleration…
03 Apr 2017 - hammersmith
The USDA’s Prospective Plantings report was a surprise for soybean people as the USDA has estimated plantings higher than anyone had expected and, I guess, a surprise too for corn folks as the corn acres are lower........please see PDF to see more details
28 Mar 2017 - CFO Exclusive
Aquatic breeding may support feeds consumption in April…, Poultry kinds may resume…
27 Mar 2017 - hammersmith
One would be very hard pressed to find any grain/oilseed prices that moved higher this week. Corn prices dropped by USD 4 to 5 m/t while soybeans were down by USD 7 to 9 m/t and soybean meal was down by about USD 10 m/t. The same goes for wheat where US soft red winter wheat was down by about USD 4 m/t while hard red winter wheat slipped by USD 7 to 10 m/t...........please click PDF to see more details
21 Mar 2017 - CFO Exclusive
Cash trend is to be calm at current range and wait for driven up force brought by April …
20 Mar 2017 - hammersmith
It seemed like a quiet week in the grain markets – at least judging by the price changes all look quiet. Of course, no week in the grain business is actually all that quiet, even if there are no major changes in prices.........please click PDF to see more details
14 Mar 2017 - CFO Exclusive
Cash trend shows slightly rebound…in which fishmeal off-take climbs up simultaneously…
13 Mar 2017 - hammersmith
Depending on who you talk to, US corn prices are down on the week between USD 6 to 9 m/t but soybeans were down even further at USD 9 to 12 m/t lower – soymeal prices were also down but not as much at just USD 5 or so per m/t lower. The same situation was seen in US wheat where winter wheats were down by USD 4 to 8 m/t and spring wheat down by about USD 4 m/t.........please click PDF to see more details
07 Mar 2017 - CFO Exclusive
Aquatic breeding in shrimp and fresh-water fish has just started up consumption for spring…