22 Feb 2018

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Weekly Report

E.g., 22/02/2018
E.g., 22/02/2018
18 Sep 2017 - Hammersmith
There wasn’t a lot of change in grain and oilseed prices this week. Hurricane Irma didn’t seem to have the effect on prices that some had been expecting. Corn prices did little on the week other than a little increase in export prices due to some Irma related logistics problems. The weather for corn looks to be quite good overall and no one is looking for much weather-related market excitement. At present, we just have the corn crop doing well and not much happening that would push prices up or down. There was a private sector estimate of corn planting for next year that showed higher planting levels than this year --- but planting is a long way off and there was no market effect..................please click PDF to see more details
12 Sep 2017 - CFO Exclusive
The up-to-dated level of fishmeal stockpiles at China ports have already grown up 60% from a year earlier…
11 Sep 2017 - Hammersmith
This was a reasonably quiet week in the USA – probably recovering from the holiday in the US last Monday – four-day work weeks tend to be a bit calmer (except perhaps around Christmas and New Year where limited trading days can mean lots of excitement). On the US futures side of things, September corn was up by about USD 2 m/t but other months were up by less than USD 1 --- a quiet time. Soybeans were up by about USD 5 m/t with soymeal up by close to USD 8 m/t..................please click PDF to see more details
05 Sep 2017 - CFO Exclusive
The appreciating currency of RMB enables to reduce the landed cost of the imported …
04 Sep 2017 - Hammersmith
This weekend is a long weekend in the US with everything being closed on Monday for the Labor Day holiday. Overall, there was not too much change in prices this past week and while there was a little excitement in prices on Thursday the week ended quite quietly. The long US weekend meant that most traders wanted to leave the office on Friday with a quiet week so they could enjoy three days of rest...............please click PDF to see more details
29 Aug 2017 - CFO Exclusive
The appreciating currency of RMB and the climbing up fishmeal stockpiles at main ports may influence…
28 Aug 2017 - Hammersmith
We had a down week for corn and wheat prices again this week while soybeans and soymeal were the steady items in the market. Corn price dropped by about USD 5 m/t while winter wheat prices were down by USD 3 to 4 m/t. Some experts are saying that the US corn crop condition is such that yields could end up below what the USDA has forecasted but the early corn inspection results seem to show that yield should be abut that the USDA has said or even a little higher in some areas. So, it is really tough to know exactly where the yields will be but they certainly don’t look to be at all bad. The current crop tour has estimated that yield will be below the USDA level – but only a little.........please click PDF to see more details
22 Aug 2017 - CFO Exclusive
The ceiling of the cash trend of China fishmeal would be slowing down due to RMB keeps its appreciating…
21 Aug 2017 - Hammersmith
It seemed like a quieter week for grain/oilseed prices this week, especially in the futures market where all looked quite calm – except perhaps for US winter wheat which continued to drop lower in price. Corn prices slipped by about USD 3 m/t on the week for both cash and futures and soybeans did about the same followed by soymeal that dropped a tad. Soft Red Winter wheat was down by USD 9 to 10 m/t with Hard Red Winter wheat lower by USD 10 to 11 m/t. Even spring wheat was down by a couple of dollars but this may just have been in sympathy with winter wheat..............please click PDF to see more details
15 Aug 2017 - CFO Exclusive
Chinese reduces the imported pork cargoes by 13.1% during 1H of 2017…according to MOA China