14 Aug 2018

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Weekly Report

E.g., 14/08/2018
E.g., 14/08/2018
26 Mar 2018 - Hammersmith
Ah, it is all in the rainfall isn’t it! Or, if it is not rainfall, it is the reaction to US trade restrictions. The US had some quite good rainfall this week which was good for thirsty wheat and in advance for corn and soybeans – nothing like building the ground moisture level to help he next crop.........please click PDF to see more details
19 Mar 2018 - Hammersmith
Another interesting week with corn prices slipping lower by about USD 3 to 5 m/t while soybeans were up by about the same amount, but wheat prices took a very nice dip with prices for winter wheat dropping by about USD 7 to 10 m/t. Soybeans were the commodity of interest in all the news stories this week with the revised Argentina soybean crop down by another 6.5 million m/t – about 15% - and overall crop yield down by 12%, all due to the lack of moisture in much of Argentina........please click PDF to see more details
19 Mar 2018 - CFO Exclusive
China gets ready to implement fishing ban along Zhejiang costal area since …
13 Mar 2018 - CFO Exclusive
The prospective growth of Peru’s fishery in 2018 may perform favorably fishing with its …
12 Mar 2018 - Hammersmith
So, this was the week of the WASDE – normally the most exciting week of the month during the winter period. Corn had a somewhat bullish WASDE report but only somewhat with prices only moving up by USD 2 or 3 m/t on the week. Soybeans and soymeal got hit hard by the WASDE with larger year end stocks in the US and higher expected yields in Brazil and ended the week with losses of about USD 12 m/t for soybeans and close to USD 20 m/t for soymeal. Wheat prices too were lower on the week with most saying that wheat was lower only because it had rallied too much or that it dropped only in reactions to everything else dropping – sometimes it is only emotion with little or no actual reasoning or just sell stops on major traders’ computers.........please click PDF to see more details
06 Mar 2018 - CFO Exclusive
Chinese fishmeal users are now commonly looking forward to a well-improved biomass for fishing….
05 Mar 2018 - Hammersmith
Looks like another week of the soybean as Argentina is still at center stage in world grain markets and comments. US futures prices for soybeans were up by about USD 8 m/t while soymeal rallied by close to USD 15 m/t. But it wasn’t just soybeans this week as wheat also took a good run higher with US hard red winter wheat (HRW) up by USD 18 m/t while US soft red winter wheat was up by about USD 13 m/t.................please see click PDF to see more details
27 Feb 2018 - CFO Exclusive
Cash trend of China fishmeal remains strong due to less-than-usual cargoes ….
26 Feb 2018 - Hammersmith
Once again, this week, soybeans were the most exciting part of the market with prices moving higher by another USD 5 or 6 m/t. The dry weather in Argentina coupled with lowered Argentina crop estimates continue to push soybean prices higher. Preliminary crop estimates in the US for soybeans were mainly neutral but more experts are getting on board for a record soybean crop in Brazil. Looks like the bullish side of soybeans is still winning even though everyone’s crop but Argentina looks to be in or close to record levels..........please click PDF to see more details
19 Feb 2018 - Hammersmith
Monday is a holiday in the US – Presidents’ Day – businesses, banks and the CBOT will be closed. Soybeans and soymeal certainly led the market higher this week with soybeans up by about USD 14 m/t while soymeal was bumping on USD 30 m/t higher. Possible soybean harvest delays in Brazil along with continued dry weather in Argentina pushed soybean prices higher. Also, private estimates are saying that the Brazilian government soybean crop estimates could be 5 million m/t too high. Certainly some good reasons to push up soybean/soymeal prices.........................please click PDF to see more details