22 Nov 2017

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Weekly Report

E.g., 22/11/2017
E.g., 22/11/2017
26 Jun 2017 - hammersmith
It was an interesting week in the US grain markets with most everything, except spring wheat, moving lower. The US weather for corn continues to look quite good and several experts are saying that the corn condition report from the USDA will show improved corn this coming week. The better the corn condition: the better the crop and probably, the weaker the corn price. After all we are now in a weather market so will just let the weather.............please click PDF to see more details
20 Jun 2017 - CFO Exclusive
CFO reminds since July the entire stockpiles of China fishmeal would climb up soon by receiving ….
19 Jun 2017 - hammersmith
Other than higher wheat prices on the week the grain and oilseed market look quite boring with not a great deal of market moving news or rumors. From here on in the US grain prices will be driven by what is happening in the weather - every market-report this week has been totally weather related........please click PDF to see more details
13 Jun 2017 - CFO Exclusive
Chinese keeps increment at pork cargoes by gaining up 21% in terms of volume …
05 Jun 2017 - hammersmith
With the US holiday last Monday, the market seemed to have decided to have a quiet week. Except for spring wheat, everything was down a little on the week. Even the CBOT had a quiet week with the futures trading in grain said to be “light”..........please click PDF to see more details
05 Jun 2017 - CFO Exclusive
CFO measures the production of aquatic feeds in May in China has performed 57.6% of growth.….
30 May 2017 - CFO Exclusive
The climbing up fishmeal off-take, exceeding 20k tons in a week, has been telling aquatic breeding starts moving faster…
23 May 2017 - CFO Exclusive
The recent bottom range has not only located at RMB10,600/ton but also kept firm with it at Shanghai port for weeks…
22 May 2017 - hammersmith
Comparing the end of the week prices this week with last week makes it all look very quiet but there was enough activity during the week to make things a little exciting. The week ended with not much happening to corn prices, even though they were up a little on Friday, while both soybeans and soymeal moved lower on the week: USD 4 m/t for beans and USD 6 m/t or so for soymeal. Winter wheat was steady but spring wheat had a nice little USD 4 to 5 m/t price rally..............please click PDF to see more details
16 May 2017 - CFO Exclusive
for producing local rapeseed meals, the monthly crushing of April has performed 144% of that vol. of last June…