14 Aug 2018

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E.g., 14/08/2018
E.g., 14/08/2018
09 Jul 2018 - Hammersmith
The number one topic in most trade reports continues to be the US/China trade problems and the expansion of tariffs by other countries in response to the US’s steel and aluminum tariffs. Even Turkey slapped a bunch of tariffs on US imports but luckily did not add anything to grain and corn by-products. It was also a funny week in the US due to the July 4th holiday coming on Wednesday which seemed to upset the futures market a bit. Nothing like a mid-week holiday to get the futures market all excited...............please click PDF to see more details
03 Jul 2018 - Hammersmith
Summer weather has finally arrived in the south of France, pushing out the weeks of rain that we had been seeing. Daytime temperatures are now up in the mid-30’s centigrade (about 95 F) and there is not a cloud in the sky. Now all those soaking wet fields can dry up a little and the farmers can start smiling again. US Grain markets this week continued the recent pattern of moving lower every week --- corn prices were only down by about USD 3 m/t but soybeans dropped by almost USD 15 m/t and soymeal was down by around USD 10 m/t. Even US wheat continued lower with hard red winter wheat down by USD 6 m/t or so. US spring wheat was down by almost USD 10 m/t............please click PDF to see more details
03 Jul 2018 - CFO Exclusive
Chinese fishmeal importers are about to preventing profit from ….
26 Jun 2018 - CFO Exclusive
The reducing breeding size of China live pig could prefer not seeing increment at tally…
25 Jun 2018 - Hammersmith
I was in London this week for the International Grains Council Conference and the gala GAFTA dinner – a very busy three days but great to see many folks that I only see very rarely. The GAFTA dinner is also about the only time in the year when I get to get all duded up in my tuxedo. So, wheat do we see with US grain and oilseed prices this week --- not much change for corn prices, only down by a dollar or two m/t of the week. The farmers don’t seem to be selling much corn which is keeping the basis up while the futures slip a little – resulting in almost no change in cash prices..................please click PDF to see more details
19 Jun 2018 - Hammersmith
There is nothing like some weakness in the market to get everyone excited and this week was certainly one for falling prices. Corn was down by about USD 6 m/t with soybeans down by USD 2- to 24 m/t, soymeal down by about USD 18 to 20 m/t, winter wheat and spring wheat both down by about USD 8 m/t --- everything was down. Other than the effect of the trade situation with the US and almost everyone, grain/oilseed markets moved lower on good US weather with decent rainfall in the forecast – there is nothing like some good weather during the growing season to help move prices lower.........please click PDF to see more details
19 Jun 2018 - CFO Exclusive
RMB cash market would remain steady prior to receiving …..
11 Jun 2018 - Hammersmith
This week was another of those down weeks for corn and soybean, not so much for wheat. Corn prices dropped by about USD 5 m/t while soybeans were down by close to USD 20 m/t and soymeal dropped USD 15 to 17 m/t. Wheat was only down a tad on the week with winter wheat almost steady and but spring wheat dropping by around USD 4 m/t...........please click PDF to see more details
11 Jun 2018 - CFO Exclusive
RMB cash bid has been remaining firm while anchovy fishing is about to ….
05 Jun 2018 - CFO Exclusive
RMB cash market would be topping up certain landed cost soon due to…