15 Aug 2018

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Weekly Report

E.g., 15/08/2018
E.g., 15/08/2018
15 Aug 2018 - Hammersmith
The USDA WASDE report was the main news as the week ended and seemed to be a surprise to most everyone with its bearish tone. Corn production and yields were both increased over the last report and the same applied to soybeans with higher yields and higher production. Although, with higher yields and higher production, ending stocks were forecasted to be higher and added some additional bearishness to the report..............please click PDF to see more details
14 Aug 2018 - CFO Exclusive
Super prime down, standard grade up. The reducing stockpiles at ports is essential….
07 Aug 2018 - CFO Exclusive
China summer aquatic would keep 20% of expansion on feeds demands during summer ….
06 Aug 2018 - Hammersmith
This week was another up week for US grain prices with corn up by just a little at about USD 3 m/t higher with soybeans up by only a couple of dollars and soymeal prices mainly steady. As is being seen all over the world, US wheat prices were up strongly with winter wheat up by at least USD 12 m/t while spring wheat was up by almost USD 10 m/t.........please click PDF to see more details
31 Jul 2018 - CFO Exclusiv
Stable RMB cash trend is truly essential when currency shows uncertainty…
30 Jul 2018 - Hammersmith
It was another strong week for soybeans/soymeal and wheat but just kind of a steady week for corn prices. US soybean prices moved higher by USD 7 or 8 m/t with soymeal up by USD 6 to 7 m/t and what price up strongly – winter wheat by close to USD 10 m/t with spring wheat up by USD 13 m/t............please click PDF to see more details
24 Jul 2018 - CFO Exclusive
Chinese fishmeal importers would confront with the deprecating RMB and the uprising….
23 Jul 2018 - Hammersmith
Hot dry weather in much of the US was a factor in higher prices this week for most grains: corn was up by about USD 5 m/t, soybeans up by USD 11 m/t, winter wheat up by close to USD 7 m/t and spring wheat up by about USD 8 m/t ---- only soymeal seemed to be able to be steady on the week..............please click PDF to see more details
17 Jul 2018 - CFO Exclusive
Poultry meal shipped from the US could become one of those trade …
16 Jul 2018 - Hammersmith
Today is France’s most important day of the year – honoring the storming of the Bastille in Paris back in 1789. The storming of the Bastille is celebrated as the beginning of the French Revolution. The 14th is a national holiday and events are being held to commemorate the day in every city, town and village in France.................please click PDF to see more details