23 Jul 2018

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22 Sep 2015 - American Seafoods
No Speech Short Description
22 Sep 2015 - China National Inspection Center
Fishmeal technological improvement and application. Presented by Mr Yang Haipeng
22 Sep 2015 - H.J. Bakers
No Speech Short Description
19 Mar 2015 - RongCheng Gedi Marine Biotechnology, Co
No Speech Short Description
19 Mar 2015 - Pioneer Fishing (West Coast) (Pty) Ltd
South African Fishing quota updated by Andre du Preez, Marketing manager, Pioneer
19 Mar 2015 - Animalfeeds, Inc.
El Nino 2014/2015 : Effects over main fishing grounds…updated by Brian Murtagh, Managing Director, Animalfeeds, Inc.
19 Mar 2015 - Embassy of Argentina
Presented by Mr Omar Odarda , Agricultural Counsellor Embassy of Argentina in the P. R. China. March 2015
19 Mar 2015 - The Thai Fishmeal Producers Association.
The Thai Fishmeal Producers Association established in 1981 today's 34 - years. Now 90 steam dried fish meal plants with a capacity of fish meal, 500,000+/- tons per year of fish meal...
17 Mar 2015 - Pioneer Fishing (West Coast) (Pty) Ltd
The Anchovy and Directed Pilchard quota was increased after a favourable outcome of the May Biomass Survey results. With this combined quota, South Africa has the potential to produce up to 100 000 tonnes of fishmeal and 4 800 tonnes of fish oil annually. Presented by Andre Du Preez, Pioneer Fishing (West Coast) (Pty) Ltd