16 Aug 2018

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20 Oct 2016 - CFFA 2016 - Productos Pesqueros S.A.
Ecuadorian Fishmeal & Fish oil History, " ECUADOR START THE FISH MEAL INDUSTRY IN THE 1970, ALL THIS FISH MEAL WAS MADE BY AN ARTISANAL SMALL PLANTS " .Presented by Ing Jorge Appenzauser V, General Manager, Productos Pesqueros S. A.
20 Oct 2016 - ATYFEN SARL, Mauritania
Mauritania is located in West Africa; it has more than 700 km on the Atlantic coast. The Mauritanian cost, yet rich in fish, is recognized as a diversified and highly productive region. This productivity is favored mainly by the upwelling that pulls up waters of the deep ocean areas rich in nutrients. This upwelling explains the wealth of the Mauritanian continental waters in exploitable marine resources. - Presented by Mohamed Lemin Khattary, VP, Atyfen SARL
20 Oct 2016 - M.A. Proteins, Pakistan
It is almost 40 years old industry with around 10,000 people employed directly or indirectly. • There are 3 fish landing ports in Pakistan where we get our raw material for fishmeal purpose. - Presented by Ellahi Buksh, Director, M.A. Proteins
20 Oct 2016 - Pioneer Fishing (West Coast) (Pty) Ltd
Goal is for improving the freshness of raw material and produce a consistent quality fm & fish oil - Presented by Andre du Preeze, Marketing Manager Pioneer Fishing (West Coast) (Pty) Ltd.
17 Mar 2016 - Tong Wei Speciality Aquaculture R&D Institution
Shrimp & Special Fish Farming in China, presented by Chen Xiao Ru, Head of R&D, Tong Wei Speciality Aquaculture R&D Institution
17 Mar 2016 - Rongcheng Gedi Ocean Biological Technology Co., Ltd
Domestic fish meal production is declining in recent years, with declining share of the, varieties fed by fish meal; terminal breeding is in surplus and the raising success rate of, shrimp is falling. Presented by Guo Liangxiao
17 Mar 2016 - China Zhengzhou Grain & Food Wholesaler Market
China Grain Reserves Corporation Henan Branch only purchased 50,000 tons of rapeseed for temporary reserve in 2014. Presented by Chen Yanjun
17 Mar 2016 - China Feed Industrial Association
By 2020, the national per capita daily intake of 2200-2300 kcal of energy, Cereals> 50% ,fat for energy <30%; Per capita daily intake of 78 grams of protein. Presented by Yan Kui You
17 Mar 2016 - Swift Trade Group
Australia has been awarded by the OIE* their lowest possible risk category for the chance of BSE occurring in our national herd. Presented by Mr Henry Krutil, Int’l By-product Trader, Swift & Company Trading Group
17 Mar 2016 - Sharief Marine Producers (P) Ltd, india
Fish production in India has increased more than tenfold since its independence in 1947. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, fish output in India doubled between 1990 and 2010. Presented by J. Elangovan, Exporter Manager, Sharief Marine Products Pvt. Ltd. (SMP) - India