22 May 2018

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China Regulation

09 Jan 2017 - AQSIQ
AQSIQ important notice issued on November 13, 2015. This standard implemented on November 13, 2016.
26 Oct 2016 - MOA
All feedstuffs including single raw material under MOA # 1773 Catalogue are requested to obtain the China license.
26 Oct 2016 - MOA
MOA China feed ingredients Catalogue ( Single raw material) issued in 2012 and effected from 2013-1-1. All single raw material listed on Part 4 are requested to apply the MOA China license, and not allowed to trade in China before registration completed. CFO is specialized in assisting overseas suppliers doing the MOA China license registration. If any queries, please email license@21cfo.com
26 Oct 2016 - MOA
1. The domestic agent should submit the genuine documents to the MOA and take full responsibility for the accuracy of the translations.
25 Oct 2016 - MOA
According to Article 29 of the Measures for the Administration of Registration of Import Feed and Feed Additives, foreign company and domestic agent have to bear corresponding legal liabilities if they hide relevant information on purpose or provide forged documents.