15 Aug 2018

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Hammersmith Weekly Feed Grain and Protein Report Wk#6

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12 Feb 2018

Ah, this was the week of the USDA WASDE report and, as usual, it is never quite what we expected. Perhaps, it is also true that the volatility in the world stock exchanges is having a bigger effect on commodity prices than the WASDE – or even the downs and ups of the US dollar.
With corn, the feeling was that the WASDE was a little supportive due to the lower ending stocks numbers, but corn futures ended the week with little or no change. For soybeans, the WASDE was seen as being bearish due to the USDA’s higher crop estimate but then the drop in the Argentina soybean crop forecast from the Argentina government certainly changed the market ideas when it came in about 4 million m/t below the USDA estimates.............please click PDF to see more details 

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