20 Jun 2018

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Hammersmith Weekly Feed Grain and Protein Report wk#34

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28 Aug 2017

We had a down week for corn and wheat prices again this week while soybeans and soymeal were the steady items in the market. Corn price dropped by about USD 5 m/t while winter wheat prices were down by USD 3 to 4 m/t.
Some experts are saying that the US corn crop condition is such that yields could end up below what the USDA has forecasted but the early corn inspection results seem to show that yield should be abut that the USDA has said or even a little higher in some areas. So, it is really tough to know exactly where the yields will be but they certainly don’t look to be at all bad. The current crop tour has estimated that yield will be below the USDA level – but only a little.........please click PDF to see more details

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