15 Aug 2018

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IMARPE will begin to assess Second Season of anchovy

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20 Aug 2017
El Comercio
The Cruise has reported that the assessment of anchovy Spawning Stock will last about 20 days in the North - Central
The Head of the Ministry of production (PRODUCE), Pedro Olaechea, noted that two scientific vessels Sail from IMARPE Tuesday 8/22 From Callao to study the spawning biomass of Anchovy, which may determine the start of the second season of Fishing 2017 in the North Center of the country.
"Peru is one of the few countries that made several Cruises and used different Evaluation Methods to reduce the uncertainty in the estimation of biomass and Fishing Quotas of Anchovy, which guarantee the sustainability of our main Resource," He said.
This is the first of two Cruises conducted IMARPE and which will last about 20 days, Olaechea as indicated.
He added that the first Cruise that Sails Tuesday will be carried out with the support of three commercial vessels provided by the industry and "will run the Peruvian Coast for estimating spawning biomass with the method of the daily Egg Production of Anchovy.
Olaechea stressed that the second Cruise, to assess the Total biomass of anchovy (juveniles and adults, among others), will start next September 15 to monitor the first miles of the Coast.
"At the end of these two Cruisers, to know the distribution and concentration of anchovy Resources, IMARPE will prepare a Technical Report on the main results of this evaluation will provide the basis for recommending the Ministry of production and the start of the second season of Fishing quota in North Center," revealed the Minister.
In the 2017, Fishing has contributed to the growth of the economy and has been the fastest growing sector until June. In that month, the sector that has an incidence of 0.7% to the National GDP - grew 52% compared to the same period last year.

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