28 May 2018

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E.g., 28/06/2018
E.g., 28/06/2018
21 Nov 2016 - Peru this week
The Ministry of Production (Produce) has ordered the preventive closure of eight fishing areas in the north of Peru, as a way to control anchovy consumption.
15 Nov 2016 - Beijing, China
China’s yuan tumbles to its lowest in nearly eight years as dollar jumps after US election
10 Nov 2016 - Sotomayor & dyers
By R.M Nº 440-2016-PRODUCE, dated November 8th, the Ministry of Production resolved to : Authorize the opening of the second fishing season of the resource anchovy (Engraulis ringens) and white anchovy (Anchoa nasus) for indirect human consumption in the North-Center region
09 Nov 2016 - Lima, Peru
Peruvian government declared the 2nd season anchovy fishing quota at 2.00 million metric tons starting on 15th of Nov 2016.
09 Nov 2016 - Peru Produce - El Peruano ( (full article in English)
The maximum total allowable catch in the North - Central - North - Resource Center lmtcp anchovy (Engraulis ringens) and anchovy (anchoa nasus) White for indirect human consumption, corresponding to the second season of Fishing 2016 North Center, is 2.0 million tonnes.
08 Nov 2016 - N° 440-2016-PRODUCE ( In Spanish)
Autorizan inicio de la Segunda Temporada de Pesca del recurso anchoveta y anchoveta blanca en área del dominio marítimo RESOLUCIÓN MINISTERIAL N° 440-2016-PRODUCE
26 Oct 2016 - El Economista América (Perú)
"This will allow us to have a more accurate approximation of the available biomass and with that information, delivered by IMARPE, a decision will be taken on the fishing quota. I believe that in the first 10 days of November will be the opening of the second season of the year. But that is not definitive, "He said. In this regard, it must be stressed that the release of IMARPE.
20 Oct 2016 - TASA
We are in a stage of high environmental variability; the evaluation of the biomass is very difficult.
06 Oct 2016 - El Peruano, Lima Peru
BRUNO GIUFFRA. MINISTRO DE LA PRODUCCIÓN said we awaiting reports from IMARPE to reopen the fishing season of Anchovy.
30 Sep 2016 - Peru Pesquero. Peru
Peruvian fishing firm Tecnologica de Alimentos Somos (TASA) has opened its new plant processing anchovy for human consumption