26 Sep 2017

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Market News

E.g., 26/09/2017
E.g., 26/09/2017
20 Mar 2017 - Brazil
Brazil's President Michel Temer has sought to reassure foreign trade partners that the corruption scandal engulfing the country's meat industry does not mean its products are unsafe.
18 Mar 2017 - CFO Spring Conference 2017 Kunming, Pioneer/South Africa
South African Fishmeal and Fish oil Quota and estimated production reported by Pioneer - one of the major producers in Cape Town.
08 Mar 2017 - AQSIQ Beijing
All Pakistan Rapeseed/ Canola meal importing, must be from the MNFSR approved and also AQSIQ Beijing establishment list 's manufacturers. All importing goods, shall avoid any harmed pest listed as below and also non-approved GMO cargo.
06 Mar 2017 - PRODUCE Report, PERU
Released on February 5, 2017, once again devoted to agricultural issues. Entitled ‘Opinions on Deepening Agricultural Supply-side Structural Reform and Creating New Momentum on Agricultural and Rural Development,’ this document illustrated Beijing’s priority of supply-side structural reform in agriculture to achieve increases in product quality and ensure strict food safety standards.
05 Mar 2017 - El Comercio, Peru
The Ministry of production (produce, Peru) established in 160 tonnes the maximum share of the resource of Allowable Catch tooth fish for 2017.
02 Mar 2017 - Imarpe, Peru
Reset Resource Extractive activities and White anchovy anchovy made by fishing vessels operating in the framework of the R.M. no. 010 - 2017 - produces
13 Feb 2017 - CFO Conference Commottee
CFO Spring conference registration to be closed soon ! We are pleased to invite your participation.
26 Jan 2017 - Andina Peru
Ministerial Resolution No. 046-2017-PRODUCE has been published today announcing the closure of the second fishing season 2016 for North-Centre at 0:00 hours of Friday 27th January.
25 Jan 2017 - Imarpe, Peru
Total Fishing of North & Center 2016 2nd Fishing Season from 11 Nov 2016 - 22 Jan 2017 is 1,924,523 mt
12 Jan 2017 - Imarpe, Peru
Total Fishing of North & Center 2016 2nd Fishing Season from 11 Nov 2016 - 10 Jan 2017 is 1,633,942 mt